With strong links and established relationships in both the UK and the Far East, WW&W are perfectly placed to source, bottle and distribute the world’s rarest whiskies and wines.

Where possible we build exclusive relationships with suppliers, making our selection of wines and whiskies unique and therefore offering our clients a service that distinguishes us form many other merchants and brokers.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the whisky and wine trade and where in the past only negociants, distillers and blenders have been able to benefit financially from investment grade alcoholic products, we are able to offer excellent profit potential to private investors. Our goal is to bring increased clarity to our clients in what has traditionally been seen as a rather “opaque” market and by doing so identify opportunities that are suited to our clients’ requirements.




Benjamin has been educated by the world’s leading wine and spirits institution. He brings a unique blend of skills and experience gained through working in the hospitality industry for over a decade. He combined this knowledge with that of the commodities market some six years ago and began to dominate much of the fine wine investment market. His strength lies in his ability to develop consolidating growth strategies and to implement organisational change where needed.

A keen traveller he has spent time in India, Asia, the US and Australasia and has first-hand experience of the opportunities the industry has to offer having owned an extensive wine portfolio himself. During his career he has forged excellent links with some of the most respected individuals currently trading globally in wine and spirits.

Through his family links to Scotland, Benjamin has always had a keen interest in all aspects of the whisky market. An excellent business developer, he is able to provide clients with real time opportunities and has the requisite skills and contacts to deliver some of the most highly sought after whisky.


An astute businessman, Timothy has been involved in the commodity investment market for approaching a decade. Focussing on investment grade wine and whisky, he is accredited by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and has assembled some of the world’s rarest collections of Burgundy and Bordeaux wine on behalf of private individuals. A regular figure at Bordeaux’s En Primeur campaign, he has excellent relationships with some of France’s oldest negociants as well as all of the established UK merchants and collectors. He has a deep love of all things Scotch and is entrenched within the Scotch Single Malt market. Timothy divides his time between Scotland and Suffolk where he lives with his wife and three children

The Scotch whisky market is enormous. To the UK economy it is worth approximately £5 billion and accounts for around 25% of UK food and drinks exports with more than 90% of Scotch production sold abroad.

The industry provides jobs for around 40,000 people in the UK and by participating in the market purchasers support a major British industry. Additionally, the government takes £3 billion a year in taxes on whisky sales.

Globally, the market for Scotch is about 100 million cases per annum and is evenly spread across major markets- 93% of this exported from the UK which means whisky investment should be better protected against future volatility in the British economy.

The largest demographic of consumers is that of affluent middle-aged men although current analysis suggest that the market appeal is spreading across ages and both genders.

Broadly speaking, the luxury whisky investment market is booming- genuinely rare and unrepeatable whiskies are what the market desires and as a result the potential for long-term growth is enormous as demand is increasingly high and supply finite. Whilst it may not be possible to accurately predict its future value, independent whisky analysts forecast that there will be continued steady growth and that consumption levels will grow at around 2% per annum for the medium term.

WW&W maintain regular contact with Scottish distillers, bottling agents and experienced brokers of Single Malt Whisky and relishes the opportunity to search out that once-in-a-lifetime cask or bottle. If it exists we will hunt it down!

Fine wine as an alternative asset class has been gaining ground rapidly in recent years, having performed well in comparison to many other investments including the UK housing market. In fact, fine wine has outperformed almost every other financial index over the past two decades.

Convincingly, the fine wine market has produced absolute returns in almost every single five year period on record (starting Dec’ 1999) and when compared to the global equities market it has outperformed it 98% of the time over any 5-year investment period again since December 1999.

WW&W endeavour to provide the most collectible wines from around the world and are always willing to source that hard-to-find case.


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